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Sarah Buchanan is a 48-year-old full-time Lakeland Community College nursing student who knows she represents many people struggling with their weight. The Painesville resident will work together with her family to get active and get healthy.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting back to normal

I think things are getting back to normal now.  My stepdaughters went back home so things are slowing down a bit, its so quiet without them, i miss having them here.  Then I slipped and messed something up in my back, does not help for exercising but is slowly feeling much better.

I gained the first weigh-in but lost this weigh-in, only a 1 lb loss and i would like to have lost alot more then that but at least i'm going in the right direction.  The one thing I find hard is making a schedule for exercising and for a menu and actually being able to stick to it without something coming up and me going back to my old self and letting everything else take first priority.  

I am so used to doing everything that when I finally need to do something for me and let everyone take care of themselves(which I know they can do, its just the kind of person I am is to help) I have a hard time changing. They have all told me this, but I have to be the one that changes and listens to them and sticks to it. Maybe this week I need to start to make that happen.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Letting stress get to me again..

Seems like when one thing changes for the good here comes another that stresses me and the emotional eating comes in again...I so need to get over this problem but its something I've did all my life and may take time to break.  Best part of the week is I got a new bathing suit thanks to my 21 yr old son, thank god for a very supportive family. I was too proud to say yes when he offered to pay for it, but when I was told that this is something I needed to help me, and I didn't have a choice we were going shopping, I went.  SOooo  I thought great, things are looking up, stresses are getting better, then I get some more news.  Lakeland let me know that I am very close to using up the credits for a 2 yr college and my degree, I thought ok, alot of students including myself take filler classes a little to wait for the almost 2 yr waiting list for the nursing program and they agreed with me about that, but now i have to check into other 4 yr schools in the area or move to get close to one so that I can finish my nursing degree. Major stesses for me and here comes the emotional eating again, I have notice that I am recognizing what I'm doing and was grabbing more for salads or other veggies, something that was a little better for me then junk food, but I still did grab a small bag of chips or a some of the vegan chocolate chips I have(those are ok for me, but a tbsp is a snack, I didn't measure them, I just know I ate more then I should have). 

Well tomorrow is a new week and even though I dread the weigh in, it seems i was down 20 lbs before this contest started, then up 4 lbs when it did, was down 6 lbs by the end of the first week after weigh in and right back up.  Sometimes I can't tell if its what i'm eating, how much of it, or my thyroid being off again.  For that I have to wait another month to be seen to check it, but I'm still not giving up on this.  What will be fun is this week I have my twin step-daughters with me...they are 13 and love to walk, exercise and love the pool. So besides challenging me, they are encouraging me too in addition to everyone else. We'll see how this week goes and hope it can only get better.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just when you feel things are looking up...

While reading Shelley's blog, i can so relate to her.  I had all these plans to go to the Y for swimming, what I hadn't planned on is how much a bathing suit to be able to do this is. I know there are not many stores for larger women but $118.00 for a suit seems way to much and something that is gonna be hard for me to afford. I also looked online but they are just as much.  This for me is where the emotional eating comes in, i let it get me down and get frustrated because I think i finally have a plan set in place and something happens that might stop it and that bothers me very much.  

I did decide until I can get one that I'll just make sure that I walk or do some kind of exercise for the 45 mins that we would have the class instead of feeling sorry for myself and not doing anything.  Going back to school may help too, since we have the gym there and it is easy to get to, swimming is easier on my body, but I have to do something.  

If anyone has any idea's that helps not to let the emotional eating take control or how to make sure your portions are right, especially if your in a rush, please let me know.  Whether it be websites or phone apps, or replies, any help would be greatly appreciated.  I also have 3 or 4 apps that I used for my phone that I was told about when I was at the Verizon store but have to get the list of them out and will blog them soon.

Take care everyone, 


Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm getting there slowly...

I'm heading in the right direction, i just have to have more patience I guess.  I have a schedule made out for the Y, 4 days of water fitness, 1 day of chair yoga, and 2 days of weights.  I promised myself If i can't go for some reason that I walk at least 30-45 mins instead to get my cardio in.  I've been doing much better packing my lunches for school, and snacks too. If anyone is going to the Painesville Y and wants to get together for any of the same classes I'm doing let me know. The swimming class nice and easy on the body but boy she works you out for those 45 mins.  Everyone there has been so helpful and pleasant no matter when I go. Well I plan on blogging more then what I have, between school and the Y I have not and was letting time get away from me. Spring break is gonna  be soooooo nice.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No excuses...

Well I hope the next weigh in goes better then this one.  I unfortunately went in the wrong direction, traveling out of town, hurrying to school and not taking the time to cook my food ahead of time or pack things the night before did not help,  it happens to everyone but its no ones fault but my own. Portion control and emotional eating have been some of my issues but I am getting much better at controlling both of these now, which is a huge step in the right direction for me.

But this is another month and things are going to get better.  I was able to get to the Y and meet with Beth, she is sooooo supportive and a great person to talk to, everyone was very helpful. I also went to my first chair yoga class on Tuesday(the teacher is great by the way, and very patient).  I thought my body would really be yelling at me on Wednesday morning but to be honest I think i felt better, this is really encouraging to me.  I'll start water fitness this week, and on Friday will be taught how to do weight training. 

I have made myself up a schedule to follow(which I had never did before), and went over this with Beth.  I wrote it down on a calendar and found an app for my smartphone so i can't say I forgot the times or I need someone to remind me. I can check my calendar and my phone sends me reminders.  

I just have to keep saying to myself...NO EXCUSES...and stick to everything, it took a long time to gain the weight and it will take time for it to come off...but i'm the only one by eating right and exercising that will achieve the weight loss.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

A few productive days.....

The past few days have been going much better.  I have an appointment with Beth Horvath at the YMCA on friday to help me with my personal fitness. I also signed up for the water fitness classes which are held at least 4 days per week, this will be great for cardio.  Also I am going to attend the chair yoga classes.  I thought about some of the other programs offered at the Y like pilates and zumba, and normal yoga, but I don't want to get overwhelmed by taking on to many things at once, or doing classes that I cannot handle yet. It would only discourage me and that is the last thing I want to happen because I'm afraid I would give up and think that everything is just to hard for someone my size.  We all know this is not true, you just have to start out slow and take things one day at a time. She also told me I could sit in on the classes that I am interested in and see what I thought too before signing up, which I think is a great idea.

Beth was wonderful to speak with, she took the time out of her day when calling me to set up my appointment, and talk to me for almost an hour on the phone and answer quite a few question. She seems like such a patient person and I really look forward to meeting with her. I also decided to put something on my facebook page to let family and friends know about what I am doing when it comes to this blog and decided to make up a menu for the week and cook things ahead and divide them into the right portions I should be having. I've noticed that I'll get in a hurry while leaving for school and forget to grab something good for me to have for my lunch and end up getting something at Lakeland.  Its not that Lakeland has bad food at all, its honestly good and they do have veggie burgers there too but for me its not portioned, and it can get expensive if i do this to much.

My classes at the Y all start on the 26th of Feb...I have to be honest, i have feelings of excitement but at the same time dread because I know how out of shape I am.  But as the old saying pain, no 

Take care,


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feeling better finally..

Sorry for the length between blogs.  I am crossing my fingers that everything that I could possibly catch is done. After returning from winter break to classes at Lakeland I've had the flu and went right from that into a pretty nasty cold so I don't think there is to much left I can catch. I've been able to watch what I was eating pretty well the past few weeks, being sick kind of limited how much I was eating which is both good and bad because you tend to eat anything that will stay down and sometimes these are not the best kind of foods to have when trying to lose weight.

I was able to sign up for the water fitness program at the Y, along with a chair yoga class, I was told that these classes that be easier on my knees and back until I am able to lose more weight. I am waiting now on a call from someone at the Y about a 12 week program that works with you on the machines, mainly how to use them and which ones to use, and how many days should be cardio and weights. 

It seems like alot to do at one time but what did help is finding several app's for my cellphone that can help me keep track of what is going on each day...appts, workouts, class schedule at school..etc.  I was also able to find a diary that may help me keep track of what foods i am eating, whether its when I am really hungry or emotionally eating. I really have to start watching my portions, this is something that is hard for me to really get used to doing constantly.  We were always taught that you didn't waste your food, make sure you clean your plate which I'm sure alot of people learned growing up, but during the time that I had my thyroid issues for the 10 yrs it didn't matter if I ate very little or alot, i was going to gain weight. Now I have to start making sure I remind myself that I can lose the weight and the only way that is going to happen is to watch the portions and start measuring everything. Its not that hard if I make it part of a routine.

I'll follow up soon, if anyone has suggestions for me please feel free to share any secrets you have or ways that have worked for you..take care.