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Sarah Buchanan is a 48-year-old full-time Lakeland Community College nursing student who knows she represents many people struggling with their weight. The Painesville resident will work together with her family to get active and get healthy.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm getting there slowly...

I'm heading in the right direction, i just have to have more patience I guess.  I have a schedule made out for the Y, 4 days of water fitness, 1 day of chair yoga, and 2 days of weights.  I promised myself If i can't go for some reason that I walk at least 30-45 mins instead to get my cardio in.  I've been doing much better packing my lunches for school, and snacks too. If anyone is going to the Painesville Y and wants to get together for any of the same classes I'm doing let me know. The swimming class nice and easy on the body but boy she works you out for those 45 mins.  Everyone there has been so helpful and pleasant no matter when I go. Well I plan on blogging more then what I have, between school and the Y I have not and was letting time get away from me. Spring break is gonna  be soooooo nice.


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