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Sarah Buchanan is a 48-year-old full-time Lakeland Community College nursing student who knows she represents many people struggling with their weight. The Painesville resident will work together with her family to get active and get healthy.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just when you feel things are looking up...

While reading Shelley's blog, i can so relate to her.  I had all these plans to go to the Y for swimming, what I hadn't planned on is how much a bathing suit to be able to do this is. I know there are not many stores for larger women but $118.00 for a suit seems way to much and something that is gonna be hard for me to afford. I also looked online but they are just as much.  This for me is where the emotional eating comes in, i let it get me down and get frustrated because I think i finally have a plan set in place and something happens that might stop it and that bothers me very much.  

I did decide until I can get one that I'll just make sure that I walk or do some kind of exercise for the 45 mins that we would have the class instead of feeling sorry for myself and not doing anything.  Going back to school may help too, since we have the gym there and it is easy to get to, swimming is easier on my body, but I have to do something.  

If anyone has any idea's that helps not to let the emotional eating take control or how to make sure your portions are right, especially if your in a rush, please let me know.  Whether it be websites or phone apps, or replies, any help would be greatly appreciated.  I also have 3 or 4 apps that I used for my phone that I was told about when I was at the Verizon store but have to get the list of them out and will blog them soon.

Take care everyone, 



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