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Sarah Buchanan is a 48-year-old full-time Lakeland Community College nursing student who knows she represents many people struggling with their weight. The Painesville resident will work together with her family to get active and get healthy.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feeling better finally..

Sorry for the length between blogs.  I am crossing my fingers that everything that I could possibly catch is done. After returning from winter break to classes at Lakeland I've had the flu and went right from that into a pretty nasty cold so I don't think there is to much left I can catch. I've been able to watch what I was eating pretty well the past few weeks, being sick kind of limited how much I was eating which is both good and bad because you tend to eat anything that will stay down and sometimes these are not the best kind of foods to have when trying to lose weight.

I was able to sign up for the water fitness program at the Y, along with a chair yoga class, I was told that these classes that be easier on my knees and back until I am able to lose more weight. I am waiting now on a call from someone at the Y about a 12 week program that works with you on the machines, mainly how to use them and which ones to use, and how many days should be cardio and weights. 

It seems like alot to do at one time but what did help is finding several app's for my cellphone that can help me keep track of what is going on each day...appts, workouts, class schedule at school..etc.  I was also able to find a diary that may help me keep track of what foods i am eating, whether its when I am really hungry or emotionally eating. I really have to start watching my portions, this is something that is hard for me to really get used to doing constantly.  We were always taught that you didn't waste your food, make sure you clean your plate which I'm sure alot of people learned growing up, but during the time that I had my thyroid issues for the 10 yrs it didn't matter if I ate very little or alot, i was going to gain weight. Now I have to start making sure I remind myself that I can lose the weight and the only way that is going to happen is to watch the portions and start measuring everything. Its not that hard if I make it part of a routine.

I'll follow up soon, if anyone has suggestions for me please feel free to share any secrets you have or ways that have worked for you..take care.


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